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Coronaissance: OHT Week

The OHT  volunteers came together in under 10 days to organise for a week-long bonanza of fun, informative and interactive sessions to celebrate the good bits and the learnings from the COVID-19 crisis, and to give the healthtech sector the community support its been missing since lock-down whilst everyone's been working so hard.


1 week



Overnight the world changed, and physical events, local Meetups and connecting in real life ceased to exist. OHT had to rapidly adapt its ways of working and so the OHT volunteers set themselves a challenge to host an OHT Week to re-invigorate the community and help members connect online.


The week consisted of morning yoga sessions, article-reading over coffee, blogs, Meetup events and Twitter takeovers, all in celebration of the silver linings the pandemic gave to the healthtech sector. 


We had over 1,000 OHT-ers engage in OHT Week, through attending events, joining discussions or watching back online. OHT Week showed to the community and its volunteers that the OHT sparkle can still be there, even when we are sitting at home on our laptops.

Project Partner

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Many many global OHT volunteers!

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