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Data Science for Health Equity

Data Science for Health Equity is an independent community that brings together experts, enthusiasts and hobbyists working at the intersection of data science and health inequalities to ensure that the latest research and innovations improve health equity.


2 years



Digital technology is now being used in all facets of healthcare, from research, to the doctor’s office, to the operating room and beyond. But how do we ensure that the entire healthcare system benefits from these advanced technologies, specifically so that all people, especially those in underserved populations, have the access and quality of care they deserve?


DSxHE does this by:

  • Defining a shared space to bring together the disparate communities working to better understand and improve health inequalities

  • Providing a platform to share learnings, best practice and individual/institutional priorities

  • Curating the latest resources, funding, tools and research

  • Assimilating and generating new insights, tools or solutions from within the community's collective


We will review the Campaign's impact at the end of the Campaign period. 

Project Partner

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  • Brieuc Lehmann

  • Maxine Mackintosh

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