Healthtech in the Aged Care Sector (Melbourne)

Join us to reflect on the problems faced by staff and patients in the aged care facilities and discuss how healthtech can be of use

Staff and patients in the aged care sector have been hit the hardest during this covid-19 crisis globally. The negative impact on their lives, their families' and their own well-being is enormous. Join us to reflect on the problems faced by staff and patients and on some solutions such as VR aged care platforms, patient engagement for to overcome these obstacles from the viewpoint of practitioners and from some healthtech companies.

To discuss how healhtech can support aged care facilities we has asked some of our field experts and innovative high technology companies to provide their valuable input.


- Alec Margolin, Global Commercialisation 

- Ria Alerts, Global Commercialisation, Migrant Women in Business


-  "Engage, Inspire & Connect - VR in Health", Beau Barnett, CEO. Oceanic Studios is an award winning Melbourne technology company.  Creators of Odysee VR and The SeeWall Interactive Environment with over 20 years of experience crating cutting edge software and hardware for clients such as Intel, Microsoft, Nintendo and the Victorian State Government.

- Geert Haekens, Sales and marketing manager, Memoride. Memoride was launched 3 years ago and is now used in more than 12 countries. Their mission is to improve people's quality of life by keeping them physically, cognitively and socially active. To achieve this, they offer personalized and meaningful experiences.

- Janneil Sabillo, Director for Program Development and Initiatives, Global Opportunities Commercialisation, Healthcare Facilitator

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