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I’m Charlotte Misseldine, and I’m delighted to be the new Community Manager for One HealthTech!

I think I have some big shoes to fill, but I am ready for the challenge!

What do I do?

Well truthfully, I’d love to hear from you about what you’d like from both me and One HealthTech! I’m incredibly excited to join the team – and want to empower every member of our community to get the most out of their One HealthTech experience. I’m here to facilitate – if you have issues, suggestions, questions or answers just drop me a line!

Who am I?

I fell into healthtech by chance, but have stayed by choice. I’m an event manager by background. You may have seen me on site at various events from HIMSS to Intelligent Health AI.

I was once described as irrepressibly positive…and that has stuck with me. I am a problem solver. My feeling is that many problems have creative solutions, if we can step back and look at things differently. So…test me out! Let me know your problems and we can see how to harness the community to solve them!

I’ve had a slightly odd and varied career – I started out as a ballet teacher and dance school principal at 19. From there I was an exam board supervisor, then a retail assistant and a wedding coordinator, before finding my calling in events and project management. What can I say? I LOVE a spreadsheet.

When I am not working you’ll generally find me either wandering around my beautiful hometown of Harrogate (UK), or covered in paint renovating my house.

I’m keen to connect with each and every one of you. Please feel free to reach out!


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