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OHT Fellowship - call for applications for 2024


Want to know more about the Fellowship? Email or read on....

OHT Fellowship

We are thrilled to share our plans for 2024 with you! OHT is gearing up to welcome a new cohort of Fellows in January 2024, and we want YOU to be a part of this journey. 🌟 The OHT Fellowship is open to all...everyone is welcome 🌟

💖 Who Are OHT Fellows? 💖 OHT Fellows are a diverse group of professionals - activists, ethicists, designers, researchers, clinicians, and policy experts. They're the driving force behind our movement to enhance diversity and inclusion in healthtech. Click here to find out more about our current Fellows

💡 What Do OHT Fellows Do? 💡 OHT Fellows actively contribute to creating solutions, resources, and opportunities that enhance diversity in healthtech. As part of our global community, they collaborate to address challenges in the health innovation sector. As an OHT Fellow, you can engage in one of three impactful initiatives: Campaigns: Goal-driven activities working towards specific outcomes within a set timeframe. Regional Hubs: Local OHT communities building close and supportive sub-networks. Specialist Networks: Non-geographic, sector, or topic-based groups.

🌍 Why Become an OHT Fellow? 🌍 Joining the OHT Fellowship means becoming part of a global community. You'll have the chance to design impactful projects, expand your reach, and collaborate with a diverse group of healthtech professionals worldwide.

🔍 What Are OHT Fellows Working On Now? 🔍 During our monthly Fellow's call we've been discussing campaign possibilities based on our annual themes: 1. Innovating in Health for Poorly-Documented Groups: Migrant Health 2. Developing and Growing Talent in Healthtech 3. Accessibility, Inclusion, and Co-Production in Design

🔗 How to Get Involved 🔗 If you're passionate about inclusion, equity and diversity in healthtech, we encourage you to consider becoming an OHT Fellow. For more in-depth information, please click below.



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