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Speaking at the Product Design Week about AI adoption in Healthcare

Are you familiar with the Product Design Week? If not, and if you work in the product design and UX field, then you're in for a treat.

From November 13th to 17th 2023, Tech Circus hosted a week-long conference that brought together their key events: Behaviour and Design conference, UX Live, UX Writing, and Business and Design.

I had the privilege of being invited as a keynote speaker at the Behaviour and Design day, where I shared key insights from my PhD research. I took the audience on a journey through the intersection of AI and healthcare. We explored the potential innovations that technology brings to healthcare, as well as the challenges that hinder the successful adoption of AI-powered systems. I highlighted the critical design and behavioural barriers that contribute to this gap and proposed actionable UX design strategies to bridge it, based on the MAP framework (Van Berkel, Bellio, et al., 2023).

Attending the first three days of the conference left me inspired and overwhelmed by the wealth of insights, fresh perspectives, and innovative approaches. Two days that stood out to me were "Mastering UX" on Day 2 and "Designing for the Future" on Day 3. The "Mastering UX" sessions provided new perspectives on tackling complex design problems, measuring success through Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) frameworks, and efficiently translating vision into reality while considering personalised content consumption. The "Designing for the Future" discussions delved into the realm of AI, emphasising the importance of designing to assist cognitive tasks rather than designing for AI itself. This approach necessitates the establishment of new design paradigms to create meaningful user experiences with software that exhibits human-like behavior. Other prominent topics included conversational interfaces, Web3 and blockchain, and designing for XR.

I wholeheartedly recommend attending this event for all those interested. Not only will you immerse yourself in the latest news and trends, but you'll also have ample opportunities to network with fascinating peers, both during the event and at the boat party! ⛵

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