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Hannah Amies

OHT Fellow

Senior product manager for AI-augmented drug discovery solutions at Benevolent AI

Product Managers Specialist Network


Share a personal experience that showcases the importance of diversity and inclusion in the HealthTech industry.

Much of drug development is based on research and clinical studies that have a bias towards white, western and male genetics and traits. Not only does this mean that a huge amount of people may not be getting the most effective treatment but it can have devastating effects. A well-known example is the case of thalidomide, which was taken to reduce morning sickness in pregnant women. Unfortunately, this had not been developed and specifically tested on pregnant women and was subsequently found to have horrific effects on foetal development. I advocate this messaging through my work and invest in developing and designing products that move us towards finding the right treatment for each patient.

What's your favourite way to de-stress after a busy day at work?

I spend most of my day at a laptop in role that involves a lot of people time. I love to unwind by having some time to myself, off a screen. You can find me in the gym doing strength training, going for a walk, or developing a creative skill such as pottery or embroidery.

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