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OHT Manchester: Leadership diversity in digital health

One HealthTech Manchester are on a mission to change leadership diversity in digital, data and technology in the NHS.

One HealthTech Manchester is dedicated to advancing a movement to enhance awareness and promote diversity in leadership in digital, data and technology in the NHS. Their mission involves collaborating with other organisations and networks to highlight exemplary leadership practices and policies, presenting both quantitative and qualitative evidence, to support underrepresented groups.


1 year

Manchester, UK


The primary focus is to address intersectional challenges with the aim of making policy changes that align with the digital health agenda.

The team have undertaken 150+ interviews with female leaders in the digital health space and have since built on this to include views and allyship from male leaders. The results provide themes and patterns that may contribute to the leadership and digital agenda. Emerging evidence highlights the challenges that leaders have faced and ways in which they have overcome them to advance their careers.


The ask of you is to complete the ‘Increasing Leadership Diversity in Digital Health’ survey which will take a brief 8-10-minutes. We are hoping to find out more on career paths of colleagues engaged in digital, data and technology within the NHS, as well as those who may be interested in joining, or returning to, the NHS.

The aim of the survey is to understand the overall experience of your professional journey, and your perspective on role models and support networks, along with any general advice you may wish to share with colleagues and peers.

The survey responses will serve as evidence in the panel discussion “Increasing Leadership Diversity in Digital Health in the NHS” at Digital Health Rewired 2024.


With your help, the movement aims to inspire and implement systemic changes – like flexible career pathways and family support policies – that benefit both underrepresented groups and strengthen our overall health systems by tapping into brilliant diverse talent pools.

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