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One HealthTech is a global, volunteer-led, grassroots community that supports and promotes under-represented groups to be future leaders in health innovation. We inspire, celebrate, enable and champion inclusivity and diversity in healthtech.


The OHT community comes from many different sectors, countries and backgrounds, and includes health and care providers, startups, corporates, academics and charities, as well as individual chaos-creating innovators.

Having started as a small meet-up in London in late 2015, OHT has grown to now have hubs all over the UK, as well as internationally, in Ireland, Sweden and Australia. All Hubs are led by local community-builders, passionate about healthtech in their region. You can check them out here.


Who We Are

What We Do

We provide grassroots communities with the platform to build a local, inclusive by design, healthtech community. We make all this happen through facilitating the growth of local ecosystems who collaborate across all regions.

We host friendly, informal, informative events and showcase healthtech trailblazers and organisations. We share and collaborate on amazing opportunities, and of course, stretch out a welcoming hand to whoever wants to join in on transforming health and care.

Read our 2019 survey here to read more about our plans.


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That healthtech is vibrant, open and accessible.

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