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The OHT Fellowship


More than ever, we need a global movement to ensure the best innovations improve and augment health equity. OHT Fellows are activists, ethicists, designers, researchers, clinicians, and policy experts who work on the front lines of this movement. OHT Fellows address important key enablers of diversity and inclusion in healthtech by running impactful Campaigns, curating local Hubs or ensuring OHT is an effective community that supports 1,000s of healthtechnologists for years to come to be better. 

OHT Fellows are working to create approaches, solutions, resources or opportunities to improve diversity in healthtech. As part of a multidisciplinary and global community, OHT Fellows have the opportunity to learn from and contribute to a variety of approaches to address diversity and community challenges in the health innovation sector. 


By becoming a Fellow you become part of a multidisciplinary and global community; Design impactful projects with the potential to reach 100,000s; Expand your reach and amplify your work, and; Learn from and collaborate with a global community of OHT-ers.

We hope through the Fellowship, OHT will create a global network of awesome healthtech leaders who are driving the type of culture and innovation that is inclusive-by-design. The ethos with which we live by.

Click here to learn more about the Fellowship.

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