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Female Founders

Only ~10% of founders in healthtech are we've made the largest, living, crowdsourced list of female founders. 

Are we missing someone? Let us know!


Only ~10% of founders in healthtech are female. We want this to get better. A key way to encourage movement on this is to uplift existing female founders so they can be found, funded and bought from more easily. 


We realised there was no global masterlist anywhere (that we could find!) which compiled a live list of female founders in healthtech. So we crowd-sourced one!


We've managed to compile the largest living repository of female founders in healthtech (and it continues to grow!). By being on this list numerous women have had speaking, mentorship and funding opportunities which came as a result of being on this list. Yay!


  • Core OHT Team

  • Loads of people on the internet!

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