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Hello there, you awesome London HealthTechie!

The London crew is all about having fun and creating a freakin' awesome community! Everything that we do is a reflection of you and the core team. We can making your dream events come true , showcase your female HealthTech superheros in blogs and much, much more.

We do regular meet-ups where we can address any topic you'd like from how to pitch to a dragon's den to healthtech in social care and anything in between. We also run super awesome annual events like Humans of HealthTech, if you haven't been yet you must come! We've addressed topics like design in HealthTech or failure and how to embrace it. Spotted at our events: strangers hugging, people laughing, tears after hearing a moving stories, giggles, strangers having to be creative together, people dancing to their success, strangers having to solve puzzles ....

Our events are really a reflection of us they're fun, accessible inclusive, name! We are always open to idea, feedback and suggestions even if you don't want to get involved in the core team we do want to hear from you! If you do want to get involved in the core London hub team we also want to hear from you, so get in touch!

Lots of love, kiss, kiss, bisous, bisous ️

The London Hub

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