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AR/VR in Health and Social Care - Event review

Enthusiasm for AR/VR is at a fever pitch. But beyond the hype, what can it offer healthcare services in the UK? Being the most voted-for event topic at our relaunch in January, the Bristol OHT hub leads went on a mission to find AR/VR stars to enlighten us.

The sky-high venue set the tone for a buzzing evening on 25 April 2018, with great audience participation and energetic networking. We were treated to a 360-degree view of Bristol in all its blue sky and rolling-green-hills-in-the-distance loveliness. Thanks, TLT – we appreciated your (non-virtual) reality.

Our three animated speakers all let us play with their kit, and we learned…

Haptics can help curb the spread of infection in medical and public spaces

Heather McDonald Tait from Ultrahaptics explained how to touch without touch, using Ultrahaptics technology. It uses ultrasound to create tactile sensations in mid-air, allowing you to feel shapes and textures so you can operate a button, for example, without actually touching it. Cue wide eyes and whoah moments when we got our hands on some virtual bubbles.

VR can be used in a playful way to help improve children’s mental health

Ayleen Driver from Evoke Education introduced us to Moe the Monkey. He’s a computer-generated hologram that helps children communicate and could help them open up about sensitive information like traumatic situations. We loved watching Moe and Ayleen chat away in real-time.

Avatar-based therapy has arrived

Andrew Jackson from ProReal led us into a magical and immersive VR world. We saw first-hand how mental health problems could be worked through with personalised, avatar-based therapy built around 3D gaming. They’ve had great results proving the environment can accelerate insight and change.

We also made a challenge…

Can you be a healthtech hero?

Here in Bristol, we’re really passionate about involving as many people as possible to help build our OHT community. We believe community works best when a lot of people connect and each plays a little part in creating something great.

With the help of some nifty gifs Fiona Dawson, OHT hub lead, challenged everyone to ask themselves whether they could be a healthtech hero by…

  • Inspiring someone in their healthtech life

  • Supporting the Bristol OHT Hub practically by offering speaker, venue or sponsorship suggestions, coming to brainstorming sessions online or in-person, or giving one-off event support on the day.

  • Championing OHT in the workplace and network, such as by promoting events

That’s our challenge to you too!

One HealthTech brings together doers, thinkers and trailblazers to change the face of future healthcare. Want to join us and help put Bristol on the map?

Note: Meetup isn't our main registration platform so numbers don't reflect actual attendees.


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