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Health-related Apps We're Using During Corona: Twitter Takeover Recap

As part of OHT week, which ran the week of May 11th, OHT volunteer Charlotte Lewis ran a Twitter Takeover where we wanted to hear our community's experience of using health-related apps during the pandemic. We've recapped the tips and questions from#dontworrybeappy . Our Twitter Takeover featured the team from ORCHA Health (who help to assess and rate health apps!), and covered everything from symptom checkers to mental health and wellbeing to productivity apps!

Liz Ashall-Payne, the CEO of ORCHA Health, who loves to use My Diabetes My Way

"[My Diabetes My Way is a] fantastic platform that supports self-management of diabetes with access to 100s of multi-media educational resources and access to your NHS and home recorded data!"

Time Andrews is getting his 8 hours in with Sleepio, a digital solution based on CBT for insomnia.

"It's great for improving sleep quality, mental health and wellbeing"

George Kowalski is doing his daily exercise with the help of Fitbit

"Fitbit combines an app and a device to track steps, sleep and heart rate, meaning it is great for keeping fit and emotionally healthy"

"Smart Peak Flow is great as it allows users to track their asthma and learn their triggers using smart sensor technology"

Andy Jeans recommends Wysa

"Wysa is an emotionally intelligent chatbot using techniques such as CBT DBT Yoga and meditation providing great support with stress, anxiety, sleep loss and a whole range of other mental health & wellness needs"

And a great tip from to help persuade those little (and big) people in your household to get outside and move around is Pokemon Go!

And Charlotte Lewis herself, Twitter Takeover extraordinaire

I've been using @fiit @LesMills @Bannatyne and @Couchto5K to try to keep fit and more recently @MyFitnessPal to try to stop eating so much cake! I use @MonashFODMAP for #IBS but am excited to start using @TummiFodmap

Plus some bonus tips! Looking for #apps for remote asthma management? Check out these videos of Tom Micklewright demonstrating a range of asthma apps and if you're struggling to sleep, OF COURSE there's an app for that! ORCHA have reviewed a range of health apps to help you to get to sleep here.


Question Time & Did you knows

  1. How many health apps do you have? How many do you actually use? DID YOU KNOW: There are over 327k health apps available to download and just 43 account for over 83% of downloads

  2. Less 7% of Diabetes sufferers and less 2% of those with COPD use a health app to manage and support their condition. Do you use an app to manage a health condition? What's your experience been?

  3. Do you think that health apps can be an effective tool in managing health conditions? What do you think would help to increase uptake in their use?

  4. Do you think that health apps can be an effective tool in managing health conditions? What do you think would help to increase uptake in their use?

  5. Are you a health app developer? What challenges have you faced in getting your app to market?

And that's a wrap! You can continue the conversation on the hashtag #dontworrybeappy


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