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Healthtech Women of Stockholm

Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

According to the World Economic Forum report 2020, Sweden is ranked 4th in its Global Gender Gap Index Ranking, behind Iceland, Norway and Finland, with 36.3% of women represented in companies' board of directors. Sweden also has the highest share of women graduates from STEM programmes among Nordic countries (15.7% of female graduates attain a degree from a technical programme).

While this is fantastic in comparison to some of the other countries in Europe, we're still far from being perfect. A pay gap still exists, there has not yet been a woman head of state in the country, and in fact, the gender gap in Economic Participation and Opportunity is marginally regressing due to stagnating labour force participation and wage gender gaps. Therefore, we need to continue the conversation on how we can forge a gender-equal world together, and how can we raise awareness against bias.

Photo by Lindsey LaMont on Unsplash

But today is about celebrating women's achievements.

We have compiled a list of our favourite health-tech companies in Stockholm that are not only lead by incredible women but also making a real difference in improving people's health!


Katarzyna Hess-Wiktor at Minnity

Minnity helps elderly care staff better understand the people they care for. Through the Minnity app, they develop personnel’s expertise in person-centred dementia care, facilitate communication within the care team, and allow relatives to access information about care.

Christine Nguy at BrightMed

BrightMed is a user-friendly digital assistant aimed to help pharmacy customers finding their choice of non-prescription medicines, make better purchase decisions and take better care of themselves.

Estelle Westling at wants to democratize health services for women all over the world. Their product offers a period and ovulation tracker designed specifically for women in emerging markets.

Marit Vaagen at Freya

Freya is a digital health care provider for specifically for women, where people can meet doctors, nurses and midwives directly on their mobile.

Sofia Svanteson at Elsa

Elsa is a platform for patient-driven research for better drugs, health and prevention. Elsa lets patients become their own personal researchers by providing them with a better understanding of how lifestyle factors may affect their disease activity measurements for rheumatoid arthritis.

Amy Aanen and Mina Lindman at Olivia

Olivia is a digital menopause guide that helps women to understand, track and relieve them from their menopause symptoms.

Elina Berglund at Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles is the only digital method of birth control cleared by regulators both in the US and in Europe. It's a mobile app designed to help women track their fertility. The app predicts the days on which a woman is fertile and may be used for planning pregnancy and contraception.

Anna Omstedt and Anna Norin at MedUniverse

MedUniverse is a global platform which supports patient cases in over 22 languages across different therapeutic areas. It offers the life sciences industry a digital platform and consultancy services to improve their engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Bonnie Roupe at Bonzun

Bonzun's new IVF system is the first complete system in the world that follows, support and guide the IVF patient through the whole process of creating a baby.

Jenny-Ann Axson Johnson and Anna Sane at Tilly

With a data and community-driven approach, and through providing better access to diagnostic tests, Tilly empowers people to own their fertility journey and enables more proactive and patient-centred fertility care.

Caroline RödénLisa Löfgren and Tamara Bernad Wilfinger at BlueCall

BlueCall provides instant, anonymous, and affordable therapy counselling through their app, where people can talk or chat with an educated professional to feel better.

Tove Toll and Janna Jarlman at Competencer

Competencer is a new and simple way of offering advisory services online, such as coaching and therapy. It is a one-stop-shop where advisor and client easily can connect, handle bookings, payments, as well as the actual online meeting via our live video and follow up.

Jeanette Steijer and Sofia Antonsson at Belly Balance

Belly Balance is the digital IBS treatment comprising 11 steps and helps 75% reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. The treatment is based on the scientifically proven method FODMAP.

Moa Linder at Endometrix

Endometrix improves gynaecological care with the use of AI. Using a unique machine learning algorithm, individual’s symptoms are compared to a dataset created by users, giving the user a suggestion on what condition they could have - serving as a diagnostic aid.

Theresia Silander-Hagström at EatIt

EatIt is a digital platform that connects people with a legitimate dietician to help them achieve their health goals once and for all, using research-based methods.

Miriram Sundholm at Aumla

Aumla designs and implements corporate health and wellbeing programs for the modern workplace. They leverage the latest technology and health science to create engaging and scalable programs for sustainable business.


Do you know someone that's innovating in the health-tech space in Stockholm that we have missed? Email us at or tweet us @OHT_Stockholm and we will update the list!


Jenney Shi

OHT Stockholm co-curator


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