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Highlights from OHT Ibadan Health Tech Career Fair 1.0

We know it’s easy for the uninitiated (newbies) to start to feel overwhelmed by the buzz around HealthTech.

OHT Ibadan, a mixed community of established players in the health technology space and inexperienced enthusiasts, decided to host a career fair for members and non-members.

Our aim was to help people gain a good grasp of career options in the health tech industry and how to navigate their way around these opportunities.

We brought together seasoned experts in diverse fields within the health tech and innovation space to facilitate our first of its kind career fair.They did justice in delivering valuable information to the attendees.

Our first speaker, Alana Esty, delivered a great start by discussing what it means to be a healthcare data analyst. She gave the audience a peek into the basic skills and a typical day in the life of a healthcare data analyst. Further highlights are below:

Common Skills for Starting your Career in Health Informatics

> Relevant clinical degree or experience. > Experience with data visualization. > Experience with writing SQL queries. > Strong communication skills.

Day in the Life of a healthcare data analyst

> Have conversations with clinicians. > Sort through LOTS of data using SQL. > Create graphs and tables > Present your findings.

Next we had Rahee Walambe who discussed the various applications of Artifical Intelligence (AI) in health such as in:

  • Disease Detection

  • Diagnosis

  • Prediction: AI predictions can also be communicated through telemedicine platforms.

  • Drug discovery

  • Personalized medicine

  • Medical imaging

  • Genomics

She emphasised that AI isn’t meant to replace the use for doctors, as doctors have tremendous amount of experience that AI does not have, However, it’s purpose is to be a clinical tool in hospital.

She also talked about ethical AI and the need to build AI models and data around the people you’re trying to build solutions for .

This definitely aligns with the One HealthTech’s mission, which is to increase inclusion and diversity in health tech innovation.

Next Up was Lukman Aroworamimo, who guided us through the different career paths in Genomics; from academia, to healthcare, industry and in its use in government. He detailed the various pathways and roles as follows:  - Laboratory management  - Biomedical science  - Bioinformatics  - Molecular diagnostics  - Sales and Marketing  - Project management  - Biomedical engineering Worthy of note is the need for relevant training in these areas.

We wrapped up the insightful fair with the session by Dr. Rapheal Àkàngbé, who talked on Electronic Health solution and its applications in:  - Electronic Health Records  - Telemedicine  - Mobile Health  - E-Pharmacies He also highlighted the benefits, challenges and future trends of TeleHealth/TeleMedicine.

The sessions had an amazingly interactive session and the facilitators took their time to answer questions.

We definitely believe that the Career Fair has provided us insight to the different opportunities in Health Tech and we look forward to seeing enthusiasts become innovative players in the industry.

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