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Join the Campaigns Squad!

OHT Campaigns?

Campaigns are one of the ways that OHT empowers the community to drive forward our mission of promoting better equality, diversity, inclusion and accessibility in the health innovation sector. They are volunteer-led initiatives that are well-defined in aims and timeframes that include everything from campaigns focusing on improving diversity and inclusion, to internally focused initiatives celebrating the community, and everything between!

Being a Campaigns Support Volunteer

As Campaigns Support Volunteers you'll be the first people that the community turns to with their exciting new ideas for what OHT should do next. You'll get involved from the very beginnings of OHT's latest initiatives, see them develop from ideas to local, national and international campaigns, and coach campaigners as they succeed in delivering meaningful change to the health innovation sector.

You'll work with live initiatives, help develop new ones, and nurture emerging ideas by providing guidance, support and documentation on how to run the most effective, inclusive, and impactful campaigns possible. To do this you'll get to develop relationships with a diverse range of people and organisations across the entire OHT community - after all, who knows where the idea for the next groundbreaking campaign will come from? From collaborating with other Support Volunteers, coaching and helping assemble Campaigns teams, and supporting OHT's worldwide network of Hubs to engaging with the wider community, and helping navigate external partnerships - it's all fair game as a Campaigns Support Volunteer.

So far we've focused on defining on what makes an OHT campaign an OHT Campaign. What's the minimum info needed? How are they run? What does success look like? We've summarised this into the start of a Campaigns Toolkit, but there's a lot more that we'd like to do to make developing, running and evaluating an OHT Campaign as slick as possible

. On our horizon for the next few months, we'd like to:

  • Develop OHT’s strategy around evaluating campaigns so we know what we're aiming for and when we've succeeded

  • Improve how Campaigns are shared and communicated so that OHT's volunteers work can be seen and appreciated across the world

  • Refine the pipeline of how ideas enter the community and are initiated so that everyone feels enabled and supported to propose and develop campaigns with us.

  • Figure out even more novel ways to support campaigns in OHT

To achieve these and more we need volunteers like you!

Get Involved!

With a number of Campaigns already live, and more in various stages of development, it's the perfect time to join us and get involved. You won't need any previous experience around campaigns and events - we’ll help get you up to speed with what and how we’ve done things so far (and are very open to hearing new ideas or ways of working).Ideally you'd be able to commit to at least an hour a week, as well as attending occasional video meetings to stay in sync - though we'll try to do as much asynchronously as possible.

Whether you're new to OHT or an existing community member/volunteer - all are very welcome - enthusiasm, positivity and a regular commitment of time are the only requirements. You can find more on what it means to be an OHT Volunteer here.

If this seems of interest or you'd like more information, please email subject = Campaigns to be put in touch with the current Campaigns Support Volunteers (Haroon and Lisa)- we'd love to hear from you and have a chat!


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