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Mariam Toye: Twitter Takeovers

Curated by Mariam Toye, Founder & Editor, (@TheMariamToye) on 7th June 2021.

Every week the global OHT Twitter account is curated by a wonderful member of the OHT community. They share with us how they do what they do, what they're interested in, their top tips and general learnings. We like to turn these Tweets into blogs as there is so much goodness in them!

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Mariam is a physician in general practice, mental health, women’s health and emergency medicine.

She also works in public health, tech and literacy with several years of experience in digital health, risk communication, research, volunteering, UI/UX design, content creation and development.

She leverages these to advance health technology that enhances the quality of life for millions of people. As co-curator, One HealthTech’s first African hub in Ibadan, Nigeria, she works to achieve increased inclusion and diversity in the health tech space.

She is the Founder and Editor, a health and literacy platform she started in medical school. Mariam is currently the Digital Health Executive Council Member at the Healthcare Federation of Nigeria.

Dr Toye has authored research, articles and books published in global outlets. She is a bibliophile promoting a vibrant book culture with reviews, readings and editing. Her other interests are history, trivia, photography and travel.


Hi! I’m Mariam and I’m excited to host this takeover. I deliver clinical care as a doctor in general practice, mental health, women’s health and emergency medicine. My work in health tech includes research, digital health, UI/UX design, content creation and development. /1

I would be tweeting about design in health tech. Many health solutions run off the back of intricate details and processes. This backbone is UI/UX design. (User interface, user experience) #HealthTech#MedTech#DigitalHealth /2

Would you use an app with unappealing colours and templates? I am guessing not. When making solutions, we must put ourselves in the shoes of the user. We are afterall making it for them and not ourselves. #HealthTech#MedTech#UXDesign /3

We must ask ourselves in the ideation stage, “What are their needs?” The solution has to be of benefit to them. (whether or not they realize it yet.) This is where #UXresearch comes in. /4

Another concept is Accessibility. We need to make sure our apps, websites or platforms are respectful and not shutting people out. For example, a period tracking app designed with women’s concerns in mind gives better user experience than those without. #accessibility /5

What steps can we take to ensure people of different marginalized groups are able to use the solution? We need to also include people with visual impairment, hearing loss or mobility challenges in the research and design process. #inclusion… /6

Surveys, interviews, and even comments and complaints from various media can guide us to the problems people have with a particular process. This can serve as a pointer to specific solutions and iterations. #HealthTech#appdevelopment /7

What are you having for lunch? /8

Next concept is that of colours. The visual appeal of a solution is a vital part of its success. What is the theme about? What actions do you want to inspire? Prevention, rich quality of life or a cure Colours need to match the mood or satisfaction you are aiming for. /9

More on colours... It would help greatly if we the took time to study combinations. Many colours work well when put together. Others not so much. This is a useful guide…#colours /10

mages are closely associated with this. The choice of image can determine the uptake of a health tech solution. Are they evoking good health and happiness or are they dreary and focused solely on disease or pain? I for one would not like the latter. #PHOTOS /11

Another angle to explore: How does the user navigate the solution from start to finish? Testing it in real time with a select group will provide insights into the ease or difficulty they face. It also provides an opportunity to fix them and enhance the good parts. /12

Communication: how this is done is another important factor. The language needs to be welcoming and appropriate not condescending. The fonts have to match the idea. Other considerations are typesetting, organization, and use of space. #communication /13

This is one of my favourite parts of working in design. Brilliant copy brings your app, graphic or website to life. It works well in the offline arena too. #UI#UX#MedTech#HealthTech /14

t combines creative and technical writing, research and marketing. As such, copywriting is a growing and rewarding niche in #healthtech. /15

Whether it’s a virtual consultation, health content site, risk communication solution for pandemics or vaccine centre locator, UI/UX design is a crucial process to invest in developing health tech products.…#MedTech#healthinnovation /16

Thank you for following and interacting with the tweets. I appreciate the entire team at @One_HealthTech. It is a thrill to be a part of this amazing and supportive community. This was fun /17


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