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Meet Ellie Foreman – Researcher in conversational AI for emotional support

Ellie Foreman is an Automation Fellow for the South West Creative Technology Network (SWCTN). We’re delighted she’s going to be speaking at the upcoming One HealthTech Bristol event on 6 November, AI in Health and Care – How do we innovate responsibly

Ellie’s research explores how users feel when discussing emotive topics with AI, and what responses they find supportive.

She says: “Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of AI chatbots aimed at providing mental health support. These chatbots can offer an accessible form of emotional support, in terms of cost, time, and with reduced stigma.”

Find out more about Ellie in this full interview by Dawn Walter ahead of last month’s Anthropology and Technology Festival, where Ellie also spoke.

Meet healthcare experts, technologists and anthropologists

Taking place as part of the Bristol Technology Festival, One HealthTech Bristol’s AI in Health and Care event is aimed at both subject newcomers and experts from diverse professional and personal background, and will take a look at practical applications as well as debating complex issues. Book your ticket today!

Thank you to Mundy & Anson, on whose site the interview with Ellie Foreman originally appeared.


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