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I’m Nicky Johnston (she/her), the new Community Manager for One HealthTech

Is there anything more awkward than trying to write a blog about yourself?

What do I do?

As Community Manager, I’ll be your first point of contact for all things One HealthTech. Whether you’re getting in touch by email, social media or slack, it’s me who will be on the other side of the screen. This is especially true if you’re a Fellow or run one of our Hubs. Put simply, I’m here to help the community. If you have any suggestions, requests, questions or answers - get in touch!

Why One HealthTech?

I’m a disabled woman with a Northern Irish accent so when I joined the healthtech community I stuck out like a sore thumb… I was often the only woman in the room and very, very often the only (openly) disabled person. Healthtech has a diversity problem. One HealthTech’s mission is to empower local, grassroots communities of health innovators to thrive by inspiring, celebrating, enabling and championing diversity in healthtech, and I’m excited to play a role in that mission.

Who am I?

My career started in social enterprise and fintech but, after becoming disabled in 2017, I found a passion for all things health innovation and switched to a career in healthtech. If my name is familiar to London health techies, you might know me from my previous role as General Manager & Programmes Manager at Health Foundry. And when I’m not working? You’ll find me exploring Brighton with my husband and Gilbey, our miniature dachshund.

And finally, thank you to One HealthTech for putting their values into practice and creating a role which is disability-friendly. This role’s accessibility is allowing me to return to work after a career break to recover from Long Covid and I couldn’t be more excited! And, an extra special thank you to One HealthTech’s current Office Administrator, Natalie Cutler, who I’m taking over from, for the handover & legacy to build upon…


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