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OHT's First African Hub! Meet the Team Behind OHT Ibadan, Nigeria

As society becomes increasingly technology dependent, it is essential that the creation and production of these solutions are carried out by a diverse community that is representative of its users. -Jacqueline de Rojas CBE

Not only will inclusion and diversity tackle the problems we face as communities but also improve the design of product and services to improve patients outcomes through norm-critical innovation.

As technology leaders and digital health enthusiasts, we are driving and promoting inclusion and diversity in the Nigerian Healthtech space by creating shared values. Research as demonstrated that the diversity of the workforce has a significant impact on the satisfaction and commitment of Nigerian public health professionals.

We are excited to set the pace for other African countries to embrace inclusion and diversity in healthtech. If you missed our first event, you can catch up on the recording here.

We have exciting and interesting activities to engage our members on including:

Showcasing Humans of HealthTech Celebrating women in leadership and healthtech, to enable others to be motivated and navigate their own success

Connecting & Mentoring Creating a formal and informal platform to enable members to learn and support each other in their career development, to realise opportunities, and reach their full potential

Filing the skills and knowledge gap Providing links to training and educational platforms and events for personal growth to enhance current and future career success in healthtech

Changing the narrative Contributing to defining culture and actively implementing tools that attract a more diverse population that support tech solutions in Nigeria

Women health tech challenge and Research Projects Encouraging female-driven healthcare solutions to challenges in Nigeria

Meet the Curator team

Dr. Mariam Toye Dr Mariam Toye is a bibliophile and physician working in the public health, tech and literacy spaces. She has several years of experience in risk communication, clinical care, health advocacy, research, volunteering, digital health, content creation and development. She worked with the team to develop the Wellvis COVID19 Self-Assessment Tool which was recently adopted by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

She earned her medical degree from the University of Lagos and a certificate in Leadership and Management in Health from the University of Washington.

She runs Oumissa Inspire, a health and literacy platform for book reviews, health content and tech skills which she founded as a medical student.

She is a 2019 Resplash African Woman in Tech and Business Fellow, Venture Outfitters Pioneer at TechRanch, Texas. She has been a panelist and organizer at Social Media Week, Lagos As an author, researcher,poet, and editor, her work can be found in the Pan African Medical Journal, eCancer Medical Science Journal UK, Beyhealth Quarterly Journal, Amazon, among others.

Olutola V. Awosiku Olutola Awosiku is a HealthTech enthusiast interested in leveraging the capabilities of tech in driving innovation in Healthcare sector, an Ashoka Changemaker Scholar having completed the Social Intrapreneurship for innovation in Health course. She is a final year medical laboratory science student in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

She has participated in several innovative Hackathons such as Ignite Innovation Lab 2020(2nd Prize Runner up) , Afrihack Hackathon 2020(Best Healthcare solution), and recently invited to participate in the Virtual MIT Hacking Medicine GrandHack 2020.

Olutola is highly interested in capacity building and professional development in HealthTech, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. She has participated in programs as Career Accelerator at Global Startup Ecosystem, Tech track fellow at Yielding Accomplished African Women, mentee under Mentor X-Africa and Ingressive For Good, and Data Science Intern under the auspices of She Code Africa. She has received recognition has a Notable student by the Basic Medical Science Student Association UI, Most Versatile Female by Nigerian Medical Laboratory Science Student Association UI, and awarded Global Goodwill Ambassador, Nigeria.

We're getting to know our new members so do fill out this form and we can learn, have fun, and build together


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