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OHT24 Project Launch 🚀

The OHT Fellowship cultivates impactful initiatives within our community, led by dedicated individuals.  This year's Fellows invested significant time crafting proposals for Campaigns, Hubs, and Specialist Networks. 

The virtual launch event was a platform for each project to showcase their pitch in a concise two minutes (and we were strict!).  They presented their vision, outlined the project's objectives, and most importantly, shared how YOU, our valued community, can contribute and make a real difference.

We've captured the entire launch event on video, conveniently embedded within this blog post...

Want to skip to the project that intrigues you most? The timestamps below will guide you to the specific projects that pique your interest:

(1:01) What is OHT?

(6:01) Product Managers Specialist Network

(9:52) Bristol Hub

(13:03) Transform Health Partnership

(15:40) London Hub

(17:53) Improving health outcomes for patients from low socioeconomic backgrounds

(20:40) Mental Health Specialist Network

(23:06) Manchester Hub

The OHT Fellowship thrives on collaboration. So, delve into the presentations, identify the projects that resonate with you, and join the movement! Whether you have specific expertise to offer, simply want to learn more, or are passionate about the cause itself, there's a way for everyone to be involved. 💖🚀


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