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One HealthTech Aberdeen is back!

So, the weather did not play ball, nor did COVID, and so only a select few made it along to One HealthTech Aberdeen's 2nd event at One Tech Hub... But it was great to be back and what's better than a hot cup of tea & a pastry after you've dodged the Aberdeen rain?


There were familiar faces (which is what happens when you work with a great group of women) but also welcome new faces and so we spent the first hour chatting and getting to know each other. We had been tasked to think about what would be useful as a group for future events but, the chance to chat and explore was useful and several of us came away with things to add to our to do list!

"One HealthTech lets me take the time out to connect with people interested in data, tech and health. It inspired new ideas in areas I had not expected. Talking with others, we found common challenges and shared great ideas about the ways forward" Corri

And, for others the being in person was the key, as "multiple conversations can run in parallel and you can jump from chat to chat, which was really useful for me to find out what others are doing and/or wanted to learn about." (Thanks Graeme!) One HealthTech Aberdeen now have a bit of work to do in planning what's next but you can be the first to find out by signing up to our slack channel or following us on twitter, and let us know any suggestions on what you need from your local hub.


By Katie Wilde, One HealthTech Aberdeen


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