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Our Strategy....Unveiled!

We've been working hard on the strategy behind the scenes for the last few months. And we want to share where we are!!

We've lovingly put together a document outlining the plan so far...


Here’s a summary, although we very much encourage you to dive into the doc!!

We've collaborated closely with our community to gather feedback on what truly matters to you and your expectations from One HealthTech (OHT).

Taking your feedback into account, we have identified key priorities which include:

  • More OHT meet-ups

  • Establishing a clear and streamlined structure

  • Measuring impact and effectiveness

  • Enhancing our presence at global events

  • Offering event discounts

  • Reigniting the sparkle within our community

To achieve these objectives, we have devised a plan:

  1. Initially, we will focus on existing Hubs and expand by launching new ones

  2. Cleaning and clarifying the structure (More info regarding restructuring can be found in the document)

  3. A campaign shortlist will be created to simplify the process of starting campaigns

  4. We will introduce annual themes to provide structure and enable us to better measure our impact. These will be narrowed down by our Fellows!

We are excited to embark on this journey together, making One HealthTech even more impactful and responsive to your needs. Let's make a difference in the healthtech world! 🌟🤝💡

Here’s a look at the timeline….

September 2023

OHT is back with a refreshed strategy and focus. Focusing on re-activating the community and making an impact with our existing Fellowship programme, Hubs and starting new Campaigns.

Winter 2023

Launch a call for new Fellows, Specialist Networks, Campaigns and Hubs

January 2024

Ready for a new class of Fellows to join the ranks. Time to also kick off some new Hubs, Specialist Networks and sparkly Campaigns!


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