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Volunteer for OHT Core!

There's been some mighty changes over at One HealthTech core, with a new website, some re-orgs, and launching all sorts of wonderful new features for the community including an Opportunities board and a "Heroes" portal which will be coming soon (ie find your mentor...).

But, we're also looking for some additional volunteers to help the OHT core team, specifically in Content Curation, Hub Support and a digital Marie Kondo! These positions require boat-loads of positivity, enthusiasm and about 3 hours of week of volunteer time. Plus a fortnightly drop in call with our co-founders. These roles are best for people who have quite flexible schedules. No prior experience needed but we do ask for a minimum of 6 months commitment. All roles are 100% remote, but we suggest you are in one of our Hub locations so you also get to hangout with a Hub in-person, not just virtually on your laptop (which would be a bit sad). We're all volunteers though, which means we're all here because we love it! Woop woop!

1) Content Curation Volunteer

- Compiling and crowdsourcing AMAZING content from our AMAZING community

- This includes sourcing :

x2 blogs a month

x3 quotes for our Humans of HealthTech wall

- Managing our Twitter Curators list so there's a rich, diverse and personal narrative coming through our account as we scaler

- Compiling our AWESOME community newsletter which goes out to +12k of our community subscribers once a month (no pressure!), with a lot of the above information. We're also open to any new ideas for the jazziest, freshest, coolest healthtech newsletters out there

2) Hub Support Volunteer

- Managing our email address. You've got to be able to deal with everything from random questions about dietary requirements to how OHT can partner with organisations. We get 1 or 2 emails a day so must be able to check and respond at the minimum every 2 days.

- Helping our Co-Founders on logistical and administrative tasks for our Hub Curators. This can include flagging where documentation is, ordering event banners or QC-ing the One HealthTech website to make sure it's all in order. We ALL roll our sleeves up, we're in it together.

- Help organise our annual Curators' get-together where we all get-together, share our learnings and do fun stuff!

- Work on improving ways-of-working across all the OHT Volunteer network by improving processes and communication

3) Digital Marie Kondo Volunteer

- When it comes to being volunteer led, we need as much help as we can get ensuring the back end of the community is organised, efficient and squeaky clean so that our volunteers have the best time!

- Schedule Tweets from the main Twitter account to deliver on media partnerships and represent all of our Hubs

- QC our website, to make sure everything is tagged appropriately, buttons work and Hub pages are sort of within our branding

- Ensure our database is clean and the data is flooooowing well!

If any of these looks of interest to you, drop Maxine an email at with a few sentences about why you want to volunteer for One HealthTech .

We can't to hear from you!



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