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That was WILD!


What better way to wake up on a Saturday morning than to jump into 13 degree water and splash about with some healthtech-y friends!!

After a solid performance from everyone at getting in and managing not to hyperventilate and/or make an excessively loud noise, we all enjoyed a lovely swim admiring the suroundings!

Can confirm - it was not after a quick lap and an obligatory twitter snap, we were out of there!

One speedy change later and we headed over to a delightful café, chatted all things healthtech, and soon warmed up with a large amount of very yummy food and coffee!

It was brilliant to see some new faces, as well as some regular OHT-ers as well!

Following a few requests to make this a more regular thing (YAY!), we’re in the process of setting up a slack channel to help OHT-ers coordinate future swims.....keep your eyes out for more info soon!


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