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Launching OHT Campaigns Pilot - Join the OHT HealthTech Toolkit

ARTWORK: Rico Gatson, “Watts Kids,” 2015
ARTWORK: Rico Gatson, “Watts Kids,” 2015

What do we want to do?

We want to create the One HealthTech Healthtech Toolkit. And we want to create it with you.

The toolkit will comprise of some sort of open access, healthtech-specific, primarily-online, courses, workshops, seminars or learning materials. Designed with the aim of improving diversity in the sector through expanding the pool of those equipped to enter it.

We want to ensure that health technologies are developed, regulated, commercialised and used by a diverse group of people in an open and welcoming community. To do that we need to ensure that this toolkit is available to all who need or want it.

This toolkit needs to be relevant, exciting and to deliver real value. To do this, we need to design and build it with people from across this community. In other words - you.


Sign up to the campaign team here


If you're not quite ready to sign up, here's a little more info...

So, what is the OHT Healthtech Toolkit?

The simple answer is, we don’t know yet. And that’s a good thing. This campaign is about defining what it should be, what it could be and, frankly, if it should be.

Who do we need on the campaign team?


We want this to be built for our community, by our community. If you’re reading this, because we’re a very open community, you’re now part of it 😉

What we’re really interested in is people with a mix of skills and outlooks who can come together to create something we all believe in. There really is no job description and all skill sets will be valued. There’s no application process, it’s just a case of getting in touch if you would like to help us with this exciting mission!

What’s actually required?

The main requirement is a real interest in the success of this project. Beyond that, having been a volunteer-led community for many years now, we recognise that not everyone has the same amount of time or energy to dedicate to a side project like this. As a minimum, we ask that you indicate the level to which you realistically anticipate you’ll be able to commit to this. It could be 30 minutes a week, a single week of intense work on a specific task or a sustained commitment of 2,3,4,5 hours a week over the course of the campaign.

What will you get in return?

  • An opportunity to work with and learn from an incredible team of volunteers

  • A lot of fun - we’re quite good at tackling big problems with a healthy mix of sincerity and silliness

  • Hopefully, an awesome final product that will be of use to you personally as well as to the community

The Campaign

One Healthtech is a grass-roots, volunteer-led community that inspires, celebrates, enables and champions diversity & inclusivity in HealthTech. Our community is built around hubs - local groups who organise, campaign, represent and have a heap of fun at a local level.

Some of our projects would really benefit from a diversity of voices and skills, from across these hubs, to drive them internationally. We’re calling these projects Campaigns, and the Healthtech Toolkit, along with a campaign to build a student offering, will be the first (you can read more about the student campaign here).

We first had the spark of this idea at the start of 2020, back when Covid was little more than a whisper. Now as the deafening roar of covid is being felt across our economy, jobs market, health service and personal wellbeing, it feels like that spark has become a blazing fire of urgency.

  • Urgency for access to high-quality, specialised, training and development opportunities to support those looking to advance their careers or in need of jump start

  • Urgency for the opening of doors which will help seed a diverse and inclusive sector and a healthcare system that serves all of its users

  • Urgency to give people something to do that feels worthwhile (the pandemic has already led many to rethink their careers - Coursera signed up over 10 million new learners in the first 30 days of lockdown)!

What's the plan?

The campaign will be a 6-month period in which we get to research, design and test. At the end, we’ll know what tools our community members require to succeed and how best to deliver them.

Phase 0: Starts today 🎉

  • Build a team, make a plan for the other phases

Phase 1: Mid Jan

  • Apply divergent thinking to exploration and research so as to fully define the problem

  • Learn how our campaign team want to develop professionally throughout this campaign and set up processes to enable this

Phase 2: March

  • Design a solution to this problem and start planning how we will test it

Phase 3: April

  • Go out and test our solution by organising and delivering it to our community and asking if it solves the problem

Phase 4: June

  • Evaluate the last 6 months

  • Decide if, and if so, how, this campaign will be taken forward

  • Review if the campaign team have met their personal development goals

What now?

Now that I’ve told you all this, if you’ve actually read allll the way down here, I think it’s a pretty big hint that this is something you’re interested in. So why not sign up to join our team!

(don’t worry, it’s not a contractual agreement or a signature in blood, it’s just a bunch of OHT folk in a zoom call - if you get there and decide it’s not for you, you can make like a virtual banana and split 🍌)

That's all from me for now, hopefully see you soon 🤠


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