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We've Signed Up To Two Tech Charters!

Written by Angela Maragna

OHT is not only expanding with new Hubs popping up (whoop!) but we are also widening our reach through connecting with established charters. We have recently signed up to two charters which will help us have a bigger impact on the number of women currently working in tech and work alongside some amazing people to create a bigger pipeline of girls choosing tech careers. 

The Tech She Can Charter,  is for school children and aims to encourage young girls to consider a career in tech through a series of 6 curated lessons. OHT is a signatory alongside 100 other companies who have committed to work together to increase the number of women in tech roles. A pilot of the lessons is currently being run at various schools across the country and there are plans to roll out more in autumn. 

I went to a recent quarterly meeting and was really impressed with the content of the lessons and the open ethos which makes it accessible to all schools and all children (boys as well as girls but the aim is to encourage more girls to develop an interest in tech). The lessons show the breadth of tech careers available and how technology is used in all walks of life in a really inclusive way. They encourage all pupils to explore tech subjects and careers. OHT folk, I'll be in touch soon as they are keen to showcase cool role model in healthtech careers and you lot are amazing so would be fantastic role models. 

Do have a look and encourage your local schools to get involved as the early results are looking great with more girls considering a career in tech after completing the course. Schools can sign up here 

The other charter we've signed is the Tech Talent Charter which is an industry collective to create solutions, take action and share best practice. The aim is to drive diversity and address gender imbalance in technology roles. It's run by the amazing Debbie Forster who is connecting lots of great organisations and asking us all to consider how we attract, recruit and retain a balanced workforce. OHT are super keen to be involved in challenging the current imbalance and to be a part of this movement which spans organisations across the recruitment, tech and social enterprise fields.  Find out more about the charter here


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