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Why I decided to join the One HealthTech Bristol Hub team

I’ve just thrown my hat in the ring to volunteer with One HealthTech Bristol. For all of you out there considering joining one of our local Hub teams – or just offering some help now and again – here’s why.

I’ve found the OHT Bristol events a breath of fresh air. Rarely at networking events do you get such a wealth of cross sector and industry pollination. Topics and speakers are different every time, and the discussions pivot widely, making each event fresh and unique. I particularly enjoyed the Neuromodulation in Health Tech event in April.

Bringing together a fantastic and diverse range of people, each event draws a different crowd. To date I have had fascinating discussions with academics just starting out in their career within health tech, physiotherapists, specialist nurses, care home managers, entrepreneurs, start-up founders and tech owners. There’s always a great mix of ages and genders, roles and backgrounds and it really feels like a coming together of like minds working towards a greater good.

I’m fascinated by the sector on both a personal and professional level and having thoroughly enjoyed the events I’ve been to, I was intrigued to see if there were ways I could get more involved. Or perhaps I could simply help out at events.

My current personal obsession is the relationship between ergonomics and interface in tech products specifically aimed at helping those with low motor ability and memory issues (so many fail to do both). My business world is progressive user app development. So I hope to be able to mix the two together and bring digital user insight and bags of energy and passion to the table.

I love that by volunteering I have the flexibility to follow my interests and to work with a team to create new opportunities and connections for myself and for others.


Emma Millington is Managing Director at Modular, a user centered digital design & build agency based in Bristol.


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