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Why Lizzie wants to set up an OHT Amsterdam Hub

My journey from patient care to healthtech innovation

Working in the healthtech industry for the last two years, I’ve experienced the different culture compared to the previous decade I spent in clinical practice in the NHS(UK). By different culture I mean the lack of diversity and inclusivity - which I now realise I’d taken for granted in my previous healthcare work.

Whether it’s webinars, conference panels, or meetings - it’s hard not to notice the lack of diverse perspectives in the room.

Is it just me?

I thought maybe it’s the medical imaging niche that I work in, so I tried finding out what it’s like for others working in Amsterdam healthtech.

Note: Amsterdam is home to lots of healthtech innovation - from startups to university spinouts to big global healthcare companies.

Unfortunately there isn’t much easily available info on diversity - except for the few startups who display pics&bios of their employees on their websites. However, did publish a report recently on ‘gender diversity in The Netherlands’. Warning: it’s a depressing read!

I guess gender is an obvious place to start but hopefully future reports will focus on all underrepresented groups - specifically in healthtech.

What do I hope to achieve by setting up OHT Amsterdam?

I’ve been lucky enough to get my foot in the door of the healthtech sector, and I want to help ensure others have the same opportunities. I feel a sense of responsibility to help create a culture which recognises the importance of diversity and inclusivity.

The question I want us to regularly ask in the healthtech industry is ‘How can we develop healthtech ethically and responsibly - ensuring that we don’t worsen health inequalities - if we don’t recognise the importance of different perspectives?’

I love what One HealthTech is all about, and by setting up a hub in Amsterdam I hope to meet others working in Amsterdam who want to champion our mission. As well as bringing together our local community the hub will connect Amsterdam with the rest of the global OHT community.

As the healthtech sector continues to evolve, those of us working in it - or aspiring to - can shape and embed the right culture to help future-proof the potential of healthtech for everyone.

Who is the OHT Amsterdam Hub for?

Being part of the community - whether attending OHT events, participating in campaigns or organising meet-ups - basically means teaming up with like-minded people to champion what you believe in. You can put in as much or as little time as suits you.

What I love about being involved in OHT is that we cover important topics - I learn a LOT from super interesting, inspirational people - and there’s always a healthy sprinkling of silliness and laughter. Note: it is voluntary after all so we want it to make you feel good!

My plan for OHT Amsterdam is to create an inclusive space which emulates the core OHT ethos in our own Amsterdam-y way. As I can’t speak Dutch (yet…), I would LOVE to have some Dutch nationals join our core hub team so that we can host bilingual events.

The exact nature of events and themes will depend on our local community - ultimately it’s up to our community to decide what they want from the hub.

How to join:

If you’re interested in the Amsterdam hub I’d love you to get in touch via email or twitter.

Twitter: @OHT_Amsterdam

OHT global website:

Looking forward to meeting you!


Lizzie Barclay


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