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A Week of Coronaissance: One HealthTech Week 2020 Wrap-Up

The OHT volunteers came together in under 10 days to organise for a week-long bonanza of fun, informative and interactive sessions to celebrate the good bits and the learnings from the COVID-19 crisis, and to give the healthtech sector the community support its been missing since lock-down whilst everyone's been working so hard.

Here's a wrap-up of the week!

Morning Sessions

We woke up nice and early during OHT week and ran:

🛢️A Buti Yoga session with Rachel Tailbone-Potter

x2 virtual coffee mornings

🧘🏽A more meditative and peaceful yoga class, led by OHT Manchester's Sara Thew

📰 An article club on leadership during a crisis




Daily Podcast

We launched the OHT Podcast! Put together by Nick Prentice and Clare Delmar we released a podcast a day (plus some bonus ones 😜 )

Reflecting on COVID19, a new world, & OHT Midlands: Clare and Lauren chat about the initial impact of the COVID19 pandemic, give an insight into the OHT Midlands Hub, and Molly Olly’s Wishes.

The Great Disrupter: Ageing, Longevity and Covid19 featuring Tina Woods on the All Parliamentary Group on Longevity and Longevity International

Delivering a Crisis response through healthtech - the Case of Frontline Map: In this podcast, Clare chats with Katz about how Frontline was set up in the space of 2 weeks and is already having an impact on getting PPE to where it’s needed.

In Conversation with Prof Dame Sally Davies & Yewande Faloyin: A special edition podcast, also available on Youtube, this is an "in conversation" episode with Prof Dame Sally Davies

Apps to the Rescue

Apps to the Rescue: In this podcast, Clare meets Charlotte Lee to discuss the opportunities and challenges in embedding health-related apps into the NHS, the soclai care sector, and general public. How can Healthtech improve the experience of Social Care? In this podcast, Clare meets with John Craig, CEO of Care City which promotes healthcare across east London though multiple partnerships, and Elina Naydenova of Feebris, a digital platform using AI tools to improve access to early diagnosis for the most vulnerable patients.



In-Conversation with Prof Dame Sally Davies, the UK Special Envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance and the Master of Trinity College, University of Cambridge. Before this, she was Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England.

Hacks & Hopes in COVID-19 Lightning Talks from Sam Shah, Roopa Dhatt, Christine Andrea Andersson, Kath Mackay, Claire Thompson, Karolina Mackiewicz, Tana Wuliji and Daniel Zamora

What’s ‘appening in COVID-19? We brought together innovators from four different applications to tell us how they and their teams have responded to the COVID pandemic - and to discuss how we can take lessons learnt into the future.

Making Mistakes, Learning & Building Resilience featuring Nora Berra who served as the Secretary of State for Health in France, Dr. Brittany Linton, from the Department of Veterans Affairs and Tali Sharot, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL


Twitter Takeovers & Mini-campaigns

The COVID Gender Data Gap: Twitter Takeover Recap: Lisa Murphy ran a Twitter Takeover which covered the gender data gap in COVID

Ethics in Innovation in a Time of Coronavirus: Twitter Takeover Recap Bea Deere and Laura Sobola ran a Twitter Takeover which covered the challenges around data

Health-related Apps We're Using During Corona: Twitter Takeover Recap Charlotte Lewis ran a Twitter Takeover where we wanted to hear our community's experience of using health-related apps during the pandemic.

Digital Innovators in the UK Responding to Crisis Jess Morley brought together a little list of digital innovators who twisted, turned, pivoted and rose up to the opportunities that the pandemic provided.

Thank you to all those who took part in OHT week! We received great feedback (apart from having TOO many activities, and not being able to book on events at the last moment - we've noted this!).


Some of the things attendees said they loved:

I thought the whole week was great! I particularly enjoyed the smaller sessions where we broke out into even smaller groups eg Healthtechie Virtual Coffee and Healthtechie Virtual Brunch
The range of activities and the hosts. The quiz was especially good!

The art of leading through a crisis article club - a really interesting, helpful session to review a current article and challenge our thinking of leading during this season.

Woop woop!

See you next time!


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