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Charly Massey : Twitter Takeovers

Curated by Charly Massey Data Intelligence Consultant on 16th August 2021

Every week the global OHT Twitter account is curated by a wonderful member of the OHT community. They share with us how they do what they do, what they're interested in, their top tips and general learnings. We like to turn these Tweets into blogs as there is so much goodness in them!

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I am a data intelligence expert. Formally trained in Data Analytics and a background in international marketing, I help nimble businesses understand their problems and grow. I specialise in clarifying market fit and making audience communications dramatically more effective.


Good Morning! My name is Charly Massey. I'm a Data Intelligence Consultant. I help businesses to understand their customers better and solve problems fast. I'm self-isolating with Covid 2!

I've scrolled through all the hundreds of tabs-of-good-intention in my phone browser to find some nuggets to share. Firstly, 2 thread-rolls from

Understanding why something happens is important. But useless, unless you can help someone else understand it too. set the standard on inclusive data viz design and walk the walk in their shoes.

With the structure of my MSc behind me, I really started to learn to code(!)

@yu_angela the founder + figurehead of After training as an NHSDr, she started teaching coding skills, clearly and thoroughly. Some of her words For when you feel stuck. Dr. Angela Yu | by Angela Yu | London App Brewery

Along my healthtech/data discovery journey, extremely supportive and generous groups include: Tableau… +

@SimonBeaumont04 + @ellaworsdale share, celebrate and sometimes commiserate Healthtech BI endeavours. #datafam

This may seem really obvious, basic and not shiny (ahem). But like everything in tech, it's important to iterate. Expect to grow your learnings as you go. Nurture good data intelligence Write, deploy and refine. Code can always have benefit from more drying time.

A great place to start when trying to understand what your audience thinks about a topic is to scrape conversations. Using tweepy () or rtweet (R) you can put your finger in the air and see what way the wind is blowing. People in the UK say about "Healthtech" today...

You can add to your stockpile of data wrangling skills outside of Healthtech too. I #geospatialdata + folly. @RoyalMail's Fabrice Durier spoke at @DataScienceFest . On 14/09 we'll share what that memorably led to this summer.

I volunteer for two things

(1) OneHealthTech, more on what that looks like next... but now a bold ask (2) @AccessProjectUK We support and tutor students from disadvantaged backgrounds to access top universities. Helping young people "get" science is great. Get involved

Media Pack, Being such a diverse, open and proactively supportive community. Companies want to work with @One_HealthTech

ALL over the known world In the Partnerships w'flow we power our hubs with information to ensure diversity + openness is represented. Facts are fuel

On the subject of facts In the EDIA group we collect and share evidence. Evidence of collective and individual impact made improving the diversity of voices in Healthtech. + celebrating the work of those with a similar mission. @NetworkShuri @TechNation @CHAOSSproj

I'm signing off now. Thank you for listening to my Covid-fogged brain today. Whilst we may plan for perfection, in real-life you just have to get on and make the best that you can with what you have available at that time. Something @One_HealthTech world does so very well.


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